Artificial skin created as a new input system for mobile devices

A new device that takes touch technology to the next level was developed by a group of researchers at the University of Bristol. The interface, called Skin-On, imitates human skin in every sense, in that it can incorporate different types of touches and “feel” the user’s grip. For example, you can sense changes in touch pressure and position, and detect various interactions such as love, tickling, pinching and twisting.

The same researcher has also implemented a messaging application that allows users to express a wider range of emotions than those expressed in text or images. Marc Teyssier, another researcher participating in the project, explains that the strength of the touch controls the size of the emoji in the system. A strong hold conveys anger, a smiley emoticon is displayed when the skin is tickled, and a surprised emoji is created when touched.

The same press release, showing a project created by Bristol University scientists in collaboration with Telecomm ParisTech and the Sorbonne University, suggests that this new system will soon be integrated into all mobile devices and become the standard.

If you’re interested in this story, we recommend watching the YouTube video here.

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